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Trevor Tunnington


At 21 years old, Trevor has been a professional Stand up Paddle racer straight out of high school (since 2015). Paddling has taken him around the world to many incredible locations and now working hard to make videos wherever he travels to share his experiences through film.

For 2019 Trevor is shaking things up a little and has moved to the Hydrofoil racing tour. He aims to compete at the Molokai to Oahu, the 52km channel crossing race in Hawaii on his foil for 2019 as well as other races in Hawaii and New Zealand. Trevor has competed in two foil races for this year and have claimed both titles. Trevor is always looking forward to pushing the limits and being innovative in racing, paddling, videography and photography.
Notable results to date.
2017 Silver Medal World Championships – 200m SUP (Denmark)
2015 Fastest Paddler on Earth (Germany)
2015 National Paddle board Sprint Champion (Australia)
1st 200m, 1st 500m, 1st 1000m, 1st 5000m, Overall Winner
2017 200m King of Thonon (France)
2017 NZ National SUP Surf Champion
2018 Waterbourne Champion (NZ)

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