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International Canoe

The International Canoe (IC) has a long narrow, light weight, fully decked hull easily driven through the water by it’s sailor balancing the ten square metres of sail area from a sliding seat which extends just over 2 metres from the centre line of the canoe. The sheer exhilaration of hiking off the end of an IC sliding seat, seeing that slim hull slicing effortlessly through the waves, is something that every canoe sailor just can’t get enough of.

IC sailors today continue a long tradition of choosing the latest technology to maximise the performance of their craft within an agreed international rule. Modern materials and building techniques enable an all up weight of 50 Kgs to be achieved on the 5.2 metre long hull. The restricted rule provides the opportunity for new designs and development.

In the world of canoe sailing, which is ever driving forward for improved performance, there are enthusiastic divisions representing canoe sailors who wish to sail one design variants of the international rule, easy home build one design IC’s and for those wishing ultimate power, a one design IC rigged with an asymmetric spinnaker. In the UK all of these divisions sail together at open events and National Championships. The historic Royal Canoe Club trophies for canoe sailing, the oldest being the 1875 Sailing Challenge Trophy, are still competed for annually at the National Championships.


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