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On Air Media has worked in the sailing media industry for almost half a decade. The  company started in 1975. Based in the Netherlands, land of water and sails, we have made countless Tv programs, teasers, promo’s, after movies and clips about the most important sailing venues and award winning sailors. Millions of viewers have enjoyed our stories.
From Volvo Ocean Race, via the Round Texel to the St Maarten Heineken Regatta. With us the story, combined with spectacular and stable footage, is what counts. Fast turnaround and live TV or streaming. You sail fast, we act fast.
We keep developing new formats and ways to get the sailing in the picture.
During the Volvo Ocean race 2014-2015 we made a feature documentary about the highs and the lows of Team Brunel. Bouwe Bekking: “Best sailing film I have ever seen”.
During our annual string of events we make daily footage that is show the same night worldwide.
We all do it for the love of wind and water, but mostly to support the young people that are just getting into this fabulous sport.

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