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Experienced team of independent specialist water sport film producers available globally to shoot exhilarating footage of sailing, surfing and paddling events.

Highly creative editors work their magic splicing together professional content including world-wide licensed music, voice-overs, technical information and graphics.

All HD films have prime viewing slots on, teaser videos via all social media – increasing market exposure by free streaming on the channel. is viewed in over 180 countries and is available free to subscribers enabling total access on their mobile devices, TV in the living room or PC at the office.

Major Sporting Events

VR Sport Media is onsite at many of the major water sports events across the world. Exclusive content for Channel and for other organisations e.g. World Sailing.

International Regattas

International regattas incorporating the highest quality and stabilised footage each day for broadcasting across international media as well as viewers in over 160 countries.

Bespoke Client Projects

Client productions within the marine sector and wider afield – VR Sport Media understands the needs of the client and audience to produce a comprehensive package.

Professional Editing Expertise

Highly creative editors work their magic splicing together professionally shot content, world-wide licensed music, voice-overs, technical information and graphics.

We work closely with all our clients to ensure expectations and results are realised to full.

Music & Sound Tracks

World-wide licensed music to enhance the vibe of each production from our expanding library and the facility to commission music tracks. This also provides our clients with confidence to broadcast and showcase footage anywhere.

Commentary & Voice Overs

We have experienced water sport commentators and pundits available for specific events with clear and understandable commentary for the viewers. 

Technical Expertise & Graphics

Through our many VR Sport Media partners we are able to offer a innovative event package including live tracking, live blog, sponsorship and much more.

VR Sport Media’s rallying cry is “Share The Passion’ and we certainly do – streaming on channel, social media, mainstream print and online media with press releases – we know how to spread the word, image and film.

Social Media

Many of our viewers connect with us via our vibrant Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Social media is an increasingly essential tool to facilitate a corporate message via sponsored content. VR Sport Media can liaise with your in-house media communications team or create a campaign through our ever expanding social community. 

External Media & PR

Daily press releases to all relevant news websites and traditional press providing editorial reports with interviews, photographs, video links and results – we do all the work to let you enjoy your event. 

The Best Content

From the inception of our Video On Demand TV Channel, VR Sport Media understood that it was essential to broadcast the very best footage and ‘Share The Passion’ to create the leading water sport internet television network. Our company searches for the best content from around the world of water sports and streams many exclusive events that we produce direct to the viewers.

The Viewing Experience

Viewable on all Smart Phones, Tablets, PC’s – All Videos Converted For All Mainstream Formats – Exclusive Content – Updated With New Content Weekly – Searchable both via the Channel & Web Search Engines – Share & Embed Facilities

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