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“IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FANS!” has an expanding ‘Community’ both via the channel and social media. This has evolved from water sport fans across the globe seeking to keep up to date with all the action our daily channel streams.

The team at VR Sport Media are passionate to continue to give the best service and maintain a belief that the Community is the prime reason for our success.

The one word which keeps getting repeated from our client’s feedback following an event or shoot is “AWESOME!!” 
 “Absolutely AWESOME thanks” Adrian Peach (SB20 UK Class Chairman) 
Graeme Oliver (Int 14 UK Class Chairman – PoW shoot) 
“How AWESOME it looked and really good job” 
Libby Greenhalgh (Magenta Project) “Some AWESOME footage from two weeks ago. Great working with VRSportTV to get more easy access to our sport” 

Facebook & Social Media Fans was launched in October 2015 to the water sport community – within one year we have established as one of the top places to view the best videos across the globe. Accurate marketing and promotional campaigns have encouraged people to “Share The Passion” with their friends. Facebook page fans are expanding every week with over 35,000 from all over the world.

We have supported our growth with ever expanding exclusive content and targeted promotions, showcasing across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. also supports many sporting events with direct and indirect investment. Headline sponsorship, media partnerships, prizes and public relations are aimed to assist raising the profile of the sport. Building grass root awareness is essential to grow the understanding and participation within all types of water sports. 
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